Vol. 82.2 - Mar/Apr 2024 - Who Can Know? Sin's Reach, Depth, and Remedy




Why Do You Love Israel?
Steve Herzig
Six German Bible students share why they love and support Israel.

The Truth About Sin
Richard D. Emmons
Sneaky. Insidious. Destructive. Deadly. That’s the nature of sin, and no one escapes its reach.

Israel’s Reconciliation
Jim Showers
God promises to place His salvation in Zion “for Israel My glory.” But He also requires a few things from Israel.

The Great Forgiver
Bruce Scott
Here is a look at how God balances justice and mercy—and how this balance affects us all.

The Way Back to God
Elwood McQuaid
Does this world get you down? If it does, you’re not alone. But take heart. God has a plan that can satisfy your soul.

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