Hope in the Holy Land



You’ve no doubt heard stories of great animosity between Jewish Israelis and Palestinians in the media. Are these stories blown out of proportion, or is the divide as troubling as you think?

Look through the lens of an American Christian as he immerses himself in the land of Israel and studies both groups. His journey reveals the complexity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the humanity of Jewish people, Muslims, and Christians alike in the Holy Land.

Proverbs teaches us that a wise person hears both sides. As believers it’s our responsibility to abide by this important Scripture. A word of caution: Hope in the Holy Land takes an honest look at the Jewish Israeli/Palestinian conflict, expressing personal opinions from both sides and occasionally displaying graphic images. We urge the viewer to engage with the entire documentary to best understand its message. Hope in the Holy Land has been endorsed by countless, trustworthy biblical scholars such as Drs. Erwin Lutzer and Randall Price. We hope it will educate, challenge, and ultimately encourage you in your love for the Lord and the people of Israel!

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(Format: DVD, Closed Captioning, 111 minutes, Code: V052)