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“Tikvah” is the Hebrew word for “hope.” Biblically speaking, hope is more than a wish, hope is an eager expectation of good things to come, and there is much eager expectation for our new ministry, The Tikvah Team. The Tikvah Team is The Friends of Israel’s North American Ministries Volunteer Network. We have created a network of like-minded believers that mobilizes volunteers to serve, support, and bless Jewish people with the love of Messiah Jesus by using their own individual gifts and talents in their local community.

Why is it so important to train believers to love and support Israel and the Jewish people?

Because we need biblically-minded Christians who stand alongside us in our mission. Our goal is to multiply our ministry by training believers to become Friends of Israel right where God has placed them. Small acts from each volunteer add up to big hope for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please bless this effort to reach more Jewish communities through a gift to the Tikvah Team. You will be providing training, resources, organization and motivation to a global effort to mobilize in new communities.

If you reside in CANADA, please GIVE HERE.

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It is our practice at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry to use gifts as designated for the support of specific workers and projects. However, to ensure gifts are tax-deductible, federal law requires us to maintain complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.