Hanukkah Gift Basket Ministry

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A small gesture of love can go a long way! Every year, Friends of Israel workers around the world prepare and hand-deliver thousands of gift baskets for Hanukkah and other Jewish holidays to our Jewish friends. Delighted to receive a basket of delicious and thoughtful goodies, the recipients are often overwhelmed by this act of kindness. When you sponsor a basket, you are making a special moment possible. You are sharing the love of the Messiah and showing that it is the Lord’s love that compels us to remember our Jewish friends during their holiday season. You can put a smile on someone’s face by giving him or her a gift basket today.

If you reside in CANADA, please GIVE HERE.

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It is our practice at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry to use gifts as designated for the support of specific workers and projects. However, to ensure gifts are tax-deductible, federal law requires us to maintain complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.