Alyssa Ruddell (Texas)

Field Ministries Representative / Houston, Texas

What is unique to your role at The Friends of Israel?

I have the opportunity to represent the Messiah and The Friends of Israel in Houston, Texas. I support my local Jewish community by taking classes at the Jewish Community Center, volunteering with Jewish Family Services, building relationships with my Jewish friends, and assisting with FOI programs. Additionally, I reach out to Christian universities to encourage students and believers to engage with the biblical truth of Israel and the Jewish people.

What inspires you most to do what you do for FOI?

The Jewish people are the apple of God’s eye. One cannot help but notice God’s passionate heart for His people throughout all of Scripture, and I want to reflect that love to my Jewish friends. I believe going to the Jew first with the Gospel and being a blessing to the Jewish people is biblically essential (Romans 1:16, Genesis 12:3).

What is one bit of wisdom you have for those who want to share the love of the Messiah with others?

Simply and prayerfully take the next step. I encourage you to make yourself available to however the Lord would use you. Be patient, gentle, and kind with those to whom you minister.

What Scripture compels you the most to do what you do?

“Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation” - Romans 10:1 (2 Cor 5:14, 20-21)

What books have you read (other than the Bible) that have impacted your spiritual life most?

Two books that provided spiritual encouragement in recent years: Halina – by Elwood McQuaid and The Hiding Place – by Corrie ten Boom

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