Israel Relief Fund

Save a Life in Israel

When missiles and mortars rain down on Israel and citizens have 10–14 seconds to find shelter, you protect thousands of people from destruction in bomb shelters. When a mother fears she cannot keep the baby growing in her womb, you encourage her to save her child’s life from needless abortion. When a drug addict lies helpless in the streets of Tel Aviv, thirsty, dirty, and desperate for the Savior, you minister to him. When a child is so hungry he or she cannot concentrate in school, you feed her. When a Lone Soldier in the IDF has nowhere to go for the Sabbath rest, you give him or her a family. And when a woman is desperate to escape the violent abuse of her husband, you give her sanctuary. When you give to the Israel Relief Fund, you are tangibly and directly serving the least of these in Israel.

If you reside in CANADA, please GIVE HERE.

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It is our practice at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry to use gifts as designated for the support of specific workers and projects. However, to ensure gifts are tax-deductible, federal law requires us to maintain complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.