Eastern European Relief

Shelter the War-weary in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

War continues in Eastern Europe, and when it is over, intensive rebuilding will need to occur. Our mission workers serving in the region for more than 6 decades are risking their lives daily to help transport, feed, house, and clothe refugees, while trucking food, medicine, clothing, emergency equipment, and generators to Jewish communities in Ukraine. Beyond Ukraine, ministry continues and the delivery of humanitarian aid to desperate Jewish enclaves in Belarus, Poland, and other parts of Eastern Europe is ongoing. The need is urgent as conditions worsen in the Baltic region. For mere dollars, you can feed a family for a month. For a little more, you can help transport, feed, and house refugees for a week at one of our safe houses in Poland. Your support will help meet the most serious physical needs, right now, by supplying food, medicine, clothes, shelter, and other essential needs in Eastern Europe.

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