Vol. 81.6 - Nov/Dec 2023 - Our Holy God




It’s Not Luck—It’s Providence
Steve Herzig
The early arrival of an airplane and a VIP trip to the restroom reinforce a wonderful truth about God.

Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh
Bruce Scott
God is in a class by Himself. He is distinct, singular, peerless, and perfect. He is kadosh—holy.

Bridging the Gaping Chasm
Ty Perry
The Israelites’ iniquities separated them from God, so God showed His people that only blood can bridge the gap.

God’s Holy Mishkan
David M. Levy
Here is why people need to understand the importance of Israel’s Tabernacle.

Holiness Today: The New Administration
Richard D. Emmons
God commanded Israel to be holy under the Law, and He expects the same of Christians in the Age of Grace.

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