Vol. 79.6 - Nov/Dec 2021 - The Forbidden Chapter




We Stand With Israel!
Steve Herzig
Not all evangelical Christians provide support to Israel for the right reasons—which is why they sometimes withdraw it.

The ‘Forbidden Chapter’
David M. Levy
Isaiah 53 is not usually read in synagogues, but it may be the most important text in the Old Testament.

From the Root of Jesse
Chris Katulka
Here is a look at how God taught His people to recognize their Messiah.

Christmas Is . . .
Tom Simcox
Most people don’t go to Isaiah 53 to learn the meaning of Christmas. But they could!

God’s Awesome, Immutable Plan
Harold Summers
Death, resurrection, substitutionary atonement. From eternity past, they’ve all been part of God’s grand design to redeem us.

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