Vol. 75.6 - Nov/Dec 2017 - In the Line of the King




A Wow! Moment
by Steve Herzig
The more things change, the more they stay the same, as the Arabs pick up where the Ammonites left off.

The Unbroken Line
by Peter Colón
Even the most unlikely situation can become an emblem of God’s grace, as it did with Tamar.

by Richard D. Emmons
Faith can truly move mountains. Here is a story of great faith that yielded great reward.

On the Judah Road
by Cecelia Weer
Sometimes we make one decision that changes our lives forever. That’s what Ruth did, and God blessed her.

The Making of a Miracle
by J. Christopher Smith
Some things defy nature. Here is a look at why Jesus’ birth can’t be explained apart from the supernatural intervention of God.

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