Vol. 80.3 - May/Jun 2022 - Israel Makes a Difference!




My Seven Chapters
Steve Herzig
If you had to choose seven chapters from Scripture to tell the story of your personal walk with God, could you do it?

Israel: Trip of a Lifetime
Elwood McQuaid
From Dan to Beer Sheva, Israel speaks to its visitors, beckoning them to love God more.

3 Reasons Why I Support Israel
Chris Katulka
It’s not biblical for Christians to claim they have no reason to support Israel today.

From the River to the Sea
Tom Simcox
Here is a look at why it’s impossible to separate the Jewish people from the land of Israel.

5 Facts You Should Know About Israel
Renald E. Showers
Why have the Jewish people been scattered throughout the world? Why does antisemitism persist? Here are the answers.

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