Vol. 78.3 - May/Jun 2020 - Can Israel Survive?




Open Doors for FOI
Steve Herzig and Mike Stallard
Anyone want to go Cruizin’ for Zion? Here’s a look at some exciting Friends of Israel ministries in North America and abroad.

Israel’s Precarious Situation
Elliot Jager
An Israeli political scientist and journalist analyzes the biggest threats he sees Israel facing this
year, both foreign and domestic.

The Coming Invasions of Israel
David M. Levy
What lies ahead? This informative article takes a biblical look at Russia, Islam, and Armageddon.

Bruce Scott
Israel’s enemies have many goals—but so does God!

The Great Deliverance
Mike Stallard
What will Jesus do when He returns? The answer may surprise you, particularly if you’re Jewish.

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