Vol. 76.3 - May/Jun 2018 - Social Media and Israel




Happy Birthday, Israel!
by Steve Herzig
It’s been a difficult road, but Israel has made it to age 70. And the Jewish nation is doing more than surviving. It’s thriving!

The New Titans
by Sarah Fern
Here is a look at three of the most influential social-media networks in the world.

Using the New World of Connectivity
by Chris Katulka
Learn how people are using social media to help Israel and the church.

The Cyber War Against Israel
by Ty Perry
Not all armies are mobilized on the ground. Some of the most dangerous ones today are mustered on social media.

Echo Chambers of Hate
by Jennifer Miles
Social-media networks have become echo chambers of anti-Semitic hatred. How did it happen? And why does it continue?

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