Vol. 80.2 - Mar/Apr 2022 - The Jewish New Covenant




The Giant: A Preview of Revelation 13?
Steve Herzig
Some things the Bible talks about that seem far-fetched may be at our doorstep. The technology has arrived.

When Peace Fills the Earth
David M. Levy
Here is a look at the future New Covenant Kingdom, when God fulfills all the promises He made to Israel.

‘With All Your Heart and With All Your Soul’
Harold Summers
Moses foresaw his people’s rebellion and the eventual consequences. But he also foresaw that God would someday circumcise their hearts.

Israel’s New Covenant
Mike Stallard
While God was punishing Israel, He was still carrying out His eternal purpose to give the nation “a future and a hope” (Jer. 29:11).

How I Learned I Was Wrong
Linda Craft
What do you do when you’re teaching one thing and the Bible teaches another?

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