Vol. 78.2 - Mar/Apr 2020 - Miracle Man: The Prophet Elisha




Frame, Reframe: The Battle for Truth
Steve Herzig
In debating and advertising—and now in theology—the way an issue is framed can mean everything.

Elisha: God’s Miracle Man
David M. Levy
Some people confuse Elisha and Elijah, though they were extremely different prophets. Here’s an overview of Elisha, his manner, and his ministry.

A Great Woman, a Great Miracle
Cortiss Johnson
Of all Elisha’s miracles, none was greater than the one he performed for a Shunammite woman.

Portrait of Grace
Cecelia Weer
Here is a beautiful account of how God used a little girl’s faith to change a prominent man’s life.

Chariots of Fire
Tom Simcox
The Enemy is a powerful foe. But God can protect His servants in amazing ways, even in the worst situations.

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