Vol. 76.2 - Mar/Apr 2018 - Mastering the Art of Redefinition




Someone to Believe In
by Steve Herzig
A look at what it takes to make an honest-to-goodness hero.

Errant or Inerrant? That Is the Question.
by David M. Levy
What scholars say about the reliability of our Bibles—good and bad.

The Changing Face of Dispensationalism
by Randall Price
A dispensationalist used to consistently distinguish Israel from the church. Today there is CD and PD—and it’s important to know the difference.

Redefining the Gospel
by Bruce Scott
How the Good News is being turned into different news today.

Navigating the Current Theological Fog
by David Mappes
Here is a look at the shifting theological landscape, with pointers on how to preserve biblical truth.

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