Vol. 82.4 - Jul/Aug 2024 - Gog and Magog




It Pays to Talk to the Right Person
Steve Herzig
It’s never too late to place your faith in Jesus—even if you’ve rejected Him for 99 years.

Understanding Gog and Magog
Mark Hitchcock
Who is Gog? Some think he could be Vladimir Putin. Here’s a look at what Gog and Magog are all about.

Is Gog’s Invasion Imminent?
Paul Pierce
When will Gog invade Israel? There are many good views, but one seems most logical.

The Question Is WHY?
Tom Simcox
What does Israel have that Gog and his hordes will want?

No Weapon Formed
David M. Levy
God has promised to preserve Israel forever. Here is how the Almighty will deal with Gog and Magog.

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