Vol. 81.4 - Jul/Aug 2023 - The New Testament Writers' Guide




‘Moshiach Is Here!’
Steve Herzig
Most Jewish people don’t believe in a Messiah. But some believe he already came as a New York rabbi.

Building Up, Not Tearing Down
Mike Stallard
Here is a look at how Luke and John relied on the Hebrew Scriptures.

The Jewishness of Peter
Cameron Joyner
The apostle Peter was Jewish through and through, and he depended on the Tanakh in his writings.

The Gospel of the King
Tom Simcox
What better way for Matthew to tell the Jewish people their King had come than by referencing the Jewish Scriptures?

3 Proofs and a Mystery
Meno Kalisher
The Old Testament was of critical importance to the apostle Paul and the writer of the book of Hebrews.

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