Vol. 80.4 - Jul/Aug 2022 - The Woman, The Child & The Dragon




A Memorial and a Name
Steve Herzig
It’s critical that evangelical Christians understand the Holocaust, says Yad Vashem U.S. representative and pastor, Mark Jenkins.

The Child and the Seed
David M. Levy
Here is a look at the cosmic battle Satan is waging against God—and God’s protoevangelium.

The Woman Clothed With the Sun
Mike Stallard
Who is the “woman” in the apostle John’s strange vision? There is only one logical answer.

The Fiery Red Dragon
Bruce Scott
He’s a deceiver, despot, destroyer, and defamer. He’s the Devil, and he wants your soul.

Unsealing the Title Deed
Tom Simcox
There is a seven-sealed scroll in heaven, and only Jesus can open it.

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