Vol. 75.4 - Jul/Aug 2017 - Out Of Egypt




FOI Canada Goes Up to Jerusalem
by Steve Herzig
Here’s a firsthand look at the first-ever FOI Canada Up to Jerusalem trip and the wonderful experiences God provided.

A Trail of Carcasses
by Richard D. Emmons
How could a trip to the Promised Land turn into such a disaster? The book of Numbers details the Israelites’ wanderings—and what went wrong.

Rebels Without a Cause
by Peter Colón
It didn’t go well for Korah and his crew when they complained against God. In fact, they ended up in what we might call a giant sinkhole.

The Covert Conspiracy
by Tom Simcox
Many things happen behind the scenes that affect our lives and the history of nations. The Israelites fell prey to the enemy’s devices, and it cost them dearly.

Satisfying God's Wrath
by Mike Stallard
God’s love and mercy cannot be separated from His justice. Here is a look at the vital importance of the doctrine of propitiation.

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