Vol. 81.1 - Jan/Feb 2023 - There is a Certain People




Finishing Without Regrets
Steve Herzig
A prominent doctor says most people die with three common regrets. Scripture tells us how to avoid that fate.

The Never-Ending Hatred
Ty Perry
Why does antisemitism refuse to die? What fuels this illogical, neverending hatred?

Villainous Antiochus
Les Crawford
Here is a look at the madman who tried to Hellenize the Jewish people and destroy Judaism before Jesus was born.

‘Away With Them!’
Bruce Scott
Jewish people have been expelled from country after country in yet another method of Jewish ethnic cleansing.

Pale of Settlement: Czarist Russia’s Giant Ghetto
Cameron Joyner
What do you do when you inherit a large Jewish population? Russia’s solution was to confine the Jews to the Pale.

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