Vol. 78.1 - Jan/Feb 2020 - Scattered! The Diaspora




How to Relieve Stress in Three Steps
Steve Herzig
Are you anxious and angry or rejoicing and at peace? Either way, here are some tips for Christlike living that work every time!

History in a Minor Key
Ty Perry
Living outside the land has not been easy for the children of Jacob. You may be surprised at some of the hardships that have befallen them.

Nightmare and Blessing
Tom Simcox
The Diaspora is like a two-sided coin. One side spells tragedy, but the other side spells preservation.

Judaism 2.0
Peter Colón
The dispersion not only scattered the Jewish people, but it changed the face of Judaism as well.

A Place Called Home
Elwood McQuaid
Despite wars and persecution, there still exists an inextinguishable hope within world Jewry. And for good reason.

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