Vol. 77.1 - Jan/Feb 2019 - The Last of the Judges




Who Doesn’t Want a Blessing?
by Steve Herzig
Many people throw around the word blessing without really understanding what it means. Nor do they know there’s one thing in particular they can do that God promises to bless.

From Bitterness to Joy
by Cecelia Weer
This is the story of how God used a godly woman’s difficult circumstances to effect change in Israel—and how He can use us, as well.

The Gold-Box Idol
by Peter Colón
The Ark of the Covenant was extremely important to the people of Israel—but not always for the right reason.

A Hearing Heart
by Bruce Scott
Hophni and Phinehas are prime examples of disobedience. Samuel was different. He did something we all should do.

‘Bring Up Samuel for Me’
by David M. Levy
Here is a look at how fear drove a desperate king to do the unthinkable.

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