Vol. 76.1 - Jan/Feb 2018 - Whatever Happened to the Rapture?




Upside Down
by Steve Herzig
The world is in a mess, and few people have enough discernment to assess what’s really going on.

The Rapture
by David M. Levy
Here is a detailed look at what the Rapture is—and what it is not.

by Chris Kautulka
Many pastors no longer teach about the Rapture. What happened? Why is this important doctrine being left behind?

When Is It?
by Mike Stallard
Pretrib? Posttrib? Midtrib? This article explains why evangelical Christians don’t all agree on the timing of the Rapture.

What We're Spared
by Bruce Scott
Think of the worst disasters in history. They’re nothing compared to what lies ahead—but not for the bride of Christ.

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